We are multiple manufacturers’ representatives to identify and expand new markets around the globe. All manufacturers are highly reputable with WHO, GMP and ISO certified adhering UK-MHRA &US-FDA.

Our aim is to reach out across the world and provide cost effective, innovative and superior quality pharmaceutical products.

Product range

Oncology                                                  Hepatitis B & C Products

Pre-Filled Syringes                                HIV Products

Anti-Infective Injections                       Anti-Diabetics

Liquid Ampoules/ Vilas                        Anti-Hypertensive

Biological Injections                              Anti-Fungal

Cardio-Vascular Injections                   Drugs for ED

Neurology                                                Antiemetic

Hormones                                               Anti-Spasmodic

Ophthalmic/Ear/Nasal Drops            Derma Product

Liquid Syrups & Dry Syrups               Neuropsychiatry

Pharmaceutical Capsules                    Pharmaceutical Tablets 

 Latex Condoms                                    Pregnancy Detection Card

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